Warrior Pack Bundle 2 FREE

This is a sample package of the

by Explosive

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This is a sample package of the Warrior Pack Bundle 2.

This asset contains 7 animations for each of the 4 warriors in the pack (28 animations total), so that you can test and evaluate if they will work for your project before purchasing.

Note: the videos and WebGL demos show animations that are not included in this pack, but are available in the full version. The videos may also not show animations which have been recently added, but the WebGL demos showcase all included animations.

Unity WebGL Demos for the full packs:
Knight Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack
Mage Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack
Archer Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack
2 Haded Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack

Part of the series of other Warrior and Fighter Packs available.