Wood Elemental Child Character

Add a cute Wood Elemental Child character to your game. This 3D model have 3 skins, several animations, versatile blendshapes, a few VFX and cute design.

by Bu.Production

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The character has:

  • 3 PBR materials for character with standart shader( 3 x albedo, 1 x MetallicSmoothness, 1 x NormalMap, 3 x Emission); 6 materials for VFX with Alpha blended shader (3 x Particle texture)
  • 10 animations: 4 attack (1 long cast, 1 fast cast, 1 attack left, 1 attack right), 1 taunt, 1 idle, 1 running, 1 walking, 1 jump, 1 waving. The Long cast animation is divided into 3 parts: start, loop, and end - for duration control.
  • 8 Blendshapes encompass a variety for the mouth (closed/open, happy, sad), eyes (closed/open, happy, sad, angry), and character design (scaling decorations on the body).
  • 4 VFX are designed for animations: Fast cast, Long cast, Firework, and Track (used as a trail from the character when moving). Each VFX is presented in different Render modes: Billboard and mesh, and with different materials for each skin. In total, there are 24 VFX prefabs.
  • 3 LODs. LOD 0 is the base for a very close view, LOD 1 has half the polygons and almost does not lose quality, LOD 2 is for a distance of 15 meters, and LOD 3 is for a very long distance.

All examples shown are in screenshots.

Important to know:

  1. The rig of this character is universal, providing you with the ability to create your own unique animations or utilize resources from Mixamo, provided you can create an avatar from them.
  2. The package was originally created for URP. To upgrade to Built-in or HDRP, open the WoodElementalChildCharacter_BuiltIn_Upgrade or WoodElementalChildCharacter_HDRP_Upgrade package.
  3. The asset includes additional materials and textures for the environment, but they are not listed in this description.



e-mail: bu.production.official@gmail.com