Yoga MoCap 01

Yoga MoCap 01 is here! That’s right the first installment of Morro Motion’s stress relieving mocap animations ar ...

by Morro Motion

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Yoga MoCap 01 is here! That's right the first installment of Morro Motion's stress relieving mocap animations are available now! Yoga MoCap 01 focuses on several standing yoga poses including: Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, and Bird of Paradise. Morro Man has never been this flexible!

This package features 17 motion capture animations for a bipedal humanoid character engaging in various yoga poses. Morro Man Yoga Instructor and Yoga Mat also included.

See these animations in action at the following links:

Yoga MoCap 01

Compatible with Morro Motion's other packages and Unity's Mecanim system, Yoga MoCap 01 is a great source of unique exercise movements.

Also included is Morro Motion's very own Morro Man! A faceless character for you to effortlessly test our animations on. Morro Man has been around the block, from performing action sequences to delicate dance routines. He is ready to animate for you!

If you have any questions or experience any problems (no way, not possible) please feel free to contact our support staff at:

*Individual Character Rig Scale/Proportion may effect Re-targeting Quality.

*all animations are clamped to optimal ranges. T-poses for re-targeting purposes can be found by un-clamping each animation.

*all animations are made for the Unity Game Engine.