Action Suspense Game Music

Fuel action with the Action Suspense Pack - the game's heartbeat, dynamic beats, and intense soundscapes.

by Iustin Galea

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Introducing the Action Suspense Game Music Pack – your game's heartbeat! Elevate the excitement with dynamic beats, pulse-pounding rhythms, and intense soundscapes. Fuel the action, enhance the tension, and immerse players in an electrifying sonic adventure. Choose Action Tension for the ultimate gaming experience!

This pack contains 10 loopable instrumental tracks (16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files) and over 22 minutes of authentic Action/Tension tracks.


A Storm Is Coming (Loop) 2:16

Adrenaline Assault (Loop) 2:03

Battlefield Fear (Loop) 2:44

Chaos Crescendo (Loop) 2:00

Danger (Loop) 2:01

Devil Rising (Loop) 2:12

Mayhem (Loop) 2:24

Pulse Of Battle (Loop) 2:15

Time Is Running Out (Loop) 1:52

Underground Army (Loop) 2:14

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