Analog Sci-Fi Hardware / Interface SFX

This pack contains 91 original bleeps, bloops and earcons - perfect for any sci-fi user interface

by Goldsmith Audio

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These sounds were produced using analog synthesis to provide a sound pack that is faithful to the classic hardware sounds of sci-fi cinema. Containing 91 unique sounds, this pack is guaranteed to provide the ideal set of interaction sounds for your sci-fi devices, whether in-game or a menu system.

This pack contains the following:

Beep Echo x 4

Broken Beep x 18

Error x 1

Fuzzy Beep x 4

Generator Fast x 1

Generator Slow x 1

Menu Zap x 4

Scanner x 1

Screen Text Light x 1

Screen Text x 3

Scroll Light x 1

Scroll x 1

Sharp Bleep x 21 (+ wet reverb versions)

Soft Navigation Beep x 8

System Error x 1