Better Music

Better Music is a modern take on game music with hard basslines, tight drums and optional vocal tracks. Some tracks are specifically created for video game trailers, pause menus, or YouTube intros.

by Pure Gaming

Price History +

HDRP, URP, SRP and Built-In render pipelines are supported out of the box.

What is Better Music?

This isn't a megapack like some assets out there where you only like 1 song out of 400 💀.

Better Music is a set of audio files to add some modern genre flair to a music space where other creators seem trapped in 8-bit disco 😝.

These audio files provide hitting bass, tight drums and modern vocals (if you want). Use the tracks in the "Intros and Trailers" folder specifically as a backdrop for your awesome new game in your new video game trailer, where each track is provided with or without vocals.

What's Inside the package?

  • 16 video game trailer songs, game start menu songs or YouTube intros
  • 14 loops for use in-game, in pause menus, loading screens, etc
  • 5 full songs

What if I want some of the music changed, or edited to fit my specific need?

Maybe you don't like the piano in the "Shooter" track and just want the drums on the vocals for your video game trailer, no worries at all! Send an email out and if your request can be reasonably accommodated it'll be mixed again and you'll get a reply back with the new mix attached.

Some specific track doesn't sound right to me (the mix or master is off).

Send out an email and describe what is going on. If it can be fixed, it will be, and you'll get a reply back with the fixed track directly before having to wait for a package update.

Need Help?

  • If you have any questions or require assistance, please send an email to