Caves of the Cyber Dragon

Futuristic science fiction music pack for cinematic video games. Electronic and sampled orchestration similar to JunkieXL.

by Scorefusion

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8 theme style 3 min tracks as well as ambient loopable tracks from variable times. Pack has a cyberpunk/science fiction vibe to it.

High-Quality Professional 24 bit wav Files

This music pack includes 649 MB of high quality professional 24 bit wav files, ensuring crystal-clear audio reproduction. Each track has been meticulously recorded and mastered to provide you with the best possible audio quality.

Cinematic Science Fiction Vibe

The music in this pack is specifically designed to evoke a cinematic science fiction atmosphere. With its epic themes, loopable tracks, and high-quality audio, it is perfect for use in video games, films, trailers, or any other multimedia projects that require an epic and science fiction-inspired soundtrack.

By incorporating this music pack into your projects, you can enhance the overall experience and create a truly immersive science fiction world.