Celestial Ambients & Atmospheres Sound Pack

An ambient sound design pack that contains a variety of atmospheres and can be used as music, or under additional music to thicken the texture and create a realistic ethereal player experience!

by Taris Studios Inc.

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Celestial Ambients & Atmospheres is an atmospheric sound pack designed for game developers. It provides that space, fantasy, sci-fi, intense floating feel for your project! The tracks can be used alone underneath game play or combined with music or additional underscore to enhance your players’ feeling of being in another world. Listen to a sampler here: https://soundcloud.com/craig-dodge/celestial-ambients-album-sampler

The pack contains 6 ambient atmospheric tracks in a dark and ethereal style that can be cut and edited to your needs.


Time Warp Atmosphere 5:32

Dreams Of Desire Ambient 5:52

Rolling In Space Atmospheric Ambient 8:30

Desolate Place Atmospheric Ambient 2:51

Lair Of Death Atmosphere 2:23

Planet Recon Ambient 6:15

Over 30 minutes of atmospheric sound design and underscore!

My music appears in over 1,000 episodes of television shows all around the world, and over 200 video games!

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6277420/