Cinematic Drum Pack 5

This is a music pack featuring 20 drum tracks which are versatile enough to use across a wide variety of projects.

by vspmusic

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The Cinematic Drum Pack 5 is ideal for scenes that simply require a drum track to drive action, dialogue, and/or plot for your video game sequences.

A Pirate's Adventure 160 BPM

A Sea At War 130 BPM

A Traveler's Tale 90 BPM

Broadside 120 BPM

Bushido 90 BPM

Daimo 74 BPM

Dark Tides 80 BPM

Dragon's Flame 160 BPM

Dynasty 71 BPM

Emperor's Decree 100 BPM

Ghosts At Sea 130 BPM

Kabuki 70 BPM

Ocean 90 BPM

Rodeway Inn 120 BPM

Ronin 95 BPM

Samurai 100 BPM

Scavengers 120 BPM

Shogun 120 BPM

Shogun 2 70 BPM

Walk The Plank 100 BPM