Cosmic Sci-Fi Whooshes Sound Effects Pack

Supercharge your games with our fully unique futuristic and neo noir sci-fi sound collection.

by Rescopic Sound

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Cosmic Whooshes: Our Futuristic and Sci-Fi Noir sound effects collection.

Enhance your games with our fully designed and ready to use out of the box Cosmic Whooshes.

Our fully unique cosmic sound collection has everything you require and the flexibility you demand. From spaceship fly-bys to dramatic dystopian transitions, you are ready to infuse your next project with a distinctive noir sci-fi allure!

Multiple Variations

We made many versions of each sound to ensure versatility and variety in sound programming. The 72 Designed Whooshes contains multiple variations in style or duration. With a grand total of 376 meticulously curated sound effects, satisfaction is not just guaranteed but elevated to new heights.

Drag-and-Drop Ready

All sounds are pre-mixed and mastered to industry-leading quality. Just drag and drop them into your project. No further edits are needed.

UCS Compliant and detailed Metadata embedded

Cosmic Whooshes is fully universal category system (UCS) compliant. Additionally, to enhance your workflow and make it more efficient, all audio files come with detailed metadata to locate the desired sounds quickly. Audio management tools like Soundminer and BaseHead can read and process metadata.

You can view the complete asset list > HERE

Download the free version of Cosmic Whooshes > HERE