Dystopian Metropolis Sci-Fi Ambient Music Pack

This is a music pack featuring 12 science fiction instrumental tracks. Utilizing orchestral and ambient effects, all of these pieces are versatile enough to use across a wide variety of projects.

by vspmusic

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Music composer, Living Force is proud to present The Dystopian Metropolis Sci-Fi Ambient Music! This is an asset pack that contains 12 instrumentals geared towards the world of science fiction, action, and the military. The following instrumentals are included with this asset pack:

Den Of Thieves C Minor 60 BPM

First Floor - E Minor 120 BPM

Return to the Lost Outpost D Minor - 90 BPM

Scout Mission - G Minor 105 BPM

Shutting Down The Reactor - A Minor 80 BPM

The Artful Dodger C Minor 120 BPM

The Battle of The Wall - A Minor 90 BPM

The Firefight - A Minor 160 BPM

The Maurders - E Minor 90 BPM

The Sentry - A Minor 110 BPM

The Silent Station - A Minor 120 BPM

War C Minor 120 BPM