Fantasy Action Adventure Music

Atmospheric Soundtrack for Open World exploration. Calm ambience music for a fantasy action/ adventure game. Includes music for different biomes like plains, snow, desert and many more!

by Tom Feldmann

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This package contains high-quality, professional instrumental music/ atmosphere with a fantasy vibe.

Perfect for open-world adventures with a focus on exploration and wild nature.

Number of tracks included: 40

Total playtime/ length: 1h, 15 min.

Includes a full soundtrack with tracks for:

  • plains/ grass regions
  • snow regions
  • desert regions
  • mystical forest and cave regions
  • action, battles, boss fights
  • ambience
  • cutscenes, menus and credits.

Suited for beginners as well as experienced devs.

Instruments include mostly piano, but also drums, strings, flutes and more.

Useful for the following games:

  • Fantasy
  • Atmospheric Adventure Games
  • Calm open worlds
  • Many more!

All tracks are stereo and in the .wav format.

Tracks are not for looping but rather fading out and in.