Heroes And Elven Music Pack

Classical RPG Music in Heroic-Fantasy Pure style, a Hero save Elven and the World

by CMAfvg

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What's in this pack ?

  • 10 originals songs (With variations loops and tracks)
  • 81 multi instruments seamless loops
  • HQ (Wav)

This music pack is inspirated as I've said pure RPG/JRPG game style in typical heroic-fantasy narration about Heroes and Eleven, events about saving the world, ititiatic adventure of a Hero, Eleven and magical live style of them, Great Adventure.

Sampler : Listen here

List of all tracks : Listen here

  • Track 01 : A New Hero, A New Hope
  • Track 02 : A Hero Childhood Village
  • Track 03 : A Hero Has Arrived To An Eleves Forest
  • Track 04 : An Elven Village in The Heart of The Forest
  • Track 05 : The Wrath of Nature & Elven
  • Track 06 : I Meet The Princess Who Ask Me To Save The World
  • Track 07 : Secondary Quest
  • Track 08 : The Iced Bright Crystal Palace
  • Track 09 : An Epic Fight
  • Track 10 : The Peace Is Return

composed by Rafdows from CMFAFVG