Late Nights Deluxe – Sad Guitar Type Beats

A pack of 10 Sad Guitar Type Beats. In the style of Lil Peep.

by Skyscraper Seven

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This pack is a collection of 10 sad guitar type beats inspired by artists like Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, and XXXTentacion. These beats feature melancholic and emotive guitar melodies, evoking a range of sad, nostalgic, and introspective moods.

The beats are well-suited for genres such as emo rap, lo-fi hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop, as well as other genres focusing on darker and more emotional musical themes. Their melancholic and atmospheric qualities make them ideal for projects aiming to convey sadness, nostalgia, or introspection.

Can be used in various creative projects, including video games, films, web series, and podcasts. They are particularly effective in settings requiring a dark or emotional atmosphere. In games, for example, they can enhance the narrative and emotional impact of specific scenes or levels.

- **Credit**: It is important to provide credit to the creator, Skyscraper Seven, when using these beats in your projects. This acknowledgment can be included in the credits or other relevant documentation accompanying your project.

Overall, this music pack offers a valuable resource for creators looking to add a layer of emotional depth and atmosphere to their work. While there is potential for some customization, the beats are best used in their intended genres and contexts for the most effective impact.