Mi-24 Hind Helicopter: Sound System + Flight Model


by SoundFX Studio

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⚡ The Mi-24 Hind Sound System - Crafted in C# scripts and visual scripts, meticulously controlled flight model for Mil Mi-24 helicopter with the most realistic helicopter sound, just like in real life ⚡

✔️ Easily customizable helicopter flight model

✔️ The most realistic engine sounds

✔️ Different sounds from different RPMs, speed, yaw and other helicopter's parameters

✔️ Weapon sounds from the weapons used by this helicopter in real life

✔️ Different sounds for cockpit, exterior, and distant views

✔️ Startup and Shutdown sounds

✔️ Ideal for AAA multiplayer shooter games

At its core lies a flight model with easily adjustable parameters. However, what truly sets this product apart is its groundbreaking sound system. Featuring approximately 80 dynamically controlled sounds, including engine roars, rotor whirrs, and weapon reverberations. The helicopter's soundscape dynamically evolves in response to key flight model parameters, such as engine RPM, yaw, rotor speed, tail rotor RPM, velocity, and more.

Moreover, the armament is not merely represented – it's brought to life. The thunderous roar of the fixed twin-barrel GSh-30K autocannon is faithfully reproduced in both its high (2600 RPM) and low firing modes (300 RPM). Additionally, the asset delivers an authentic auditory experience of rocket salvos.

Whether viewed from the exterior, at a distance, or from within the cockpit, distinct sets of audio assets for the helicopter and its weaponry ensure unparalleled realism from every perspective.

Every aspect of the helicopter and its armament's sound design has been crafted to mirror reality. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we have incorporated our own audio recordings to ensure a truly immersive experience.

The Mi-24 Hind Helicopter: Sound System + Flight Model is finely tuned and ready to use in your project, providing you with tools to create the world's best AAA multiplayer or single shooters.

⚡ Perfect sound quality, optimal length and format. With our sound system you can easily adjust or update the sounds, or create your own. Use it and make your War real ⚡

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