Mr. Happy – Announcer Audio Pack

Epic announcer voice pack for fighting games. Voiced and produced by VoiceBosch as part of the SoundBiter SFX Library.

by VoiceBosch

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MR. HAPPY is a video game announcer pack that is part of the SoundBiter SFX library. Recorded and produced by VoiceBosch.

Genre: Fighting, Action, FPS

Tone: High-Energy, Engaging

Description: This pack brings high-energy and engaging commentary to fundamental aspects of your game. With vibrant personality and dynamic delivery, Mr. Happy amps up the excitement and enhances immersion.

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1. Choose Your Fighter

2. Select the Arena

3. Select Difficulty

4. Player 1

5. Player 2

6. Player 3

7. Player 4

8. Computer Bot

9. Round 1

10. Round 2

11. Round 3

12. Bonus Round

13. Final Round

14. Blue Team

15. Red Team

16. Green Team

17. Yellow Team

18. Defeat

19. You Lose

20. Failure

21. Victory

22. Winner

23. You Win

24. Fight

25. 3, 2, 1, Fight

26. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

27. Time

28. Complete

29. Sudden Death

30. Congratulations

31. Game Over


Original sound effects made for video games and general content creation; these announcer-style voiceovers can be key to building an immersive experience.


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