Mystery Puzzle Game Music

Embark on a musical journey with my game music puzzle pack—elevate projects with whimsical charm and mystery!

by Iustin Galea

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Dive into a musical adventure with my new game music puzzle pack! Feel the excitement as lively tunes dance with intriguing melodies, adding a touch of magic to every brain-teasing moment. Let the music guide you through puzzles, bringing joy and mystery to your gaming experience. It's like a soundtrack for your journey into the world of playful challenges!

This pack contains 11 loopable instrumental tracks (16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files) and over 21 minutes of authentic puzzle music.


Toy Factory (Loop) 1:53

Spooky House (Loop) 1:41

Riddle (Loop) 1:55

Puzzler (Loop) 1:36

Mystic Forest (Loop) 2:05

Mystery (Loop) 1:36

Labyrinths (Loop) 2:07

Hidden (Loop) 1:57

Enigma (Loop) 2:33

Dilemma (Loop) 2:04

Chessboard Mystery (Loop) 2:24

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