Nature Ambience Mega Pack 100 Tracks

Discover "Nature Ambience" by Bobby Cole on Unity Marketplace: a serene collection of 100 royalty-free tracks designed to capture the essence of natural environments in your video games.

by Bobby Cole Music

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"Nature Ambience" by Bobby Cole features a calming collection of 100 royalty-free tracks, thoughtfully composed to evoke the peacefulness of natural landscapes in your video games. These soothing ambient melodies are perfect for enhancing serene and reflective moments, offering a backdrop that complements any nature-inspired setting. Available on Unity Marketplace, this album is ideal for developers seeking to infuse their games with a tranquil audio atmosphere.

Once you've purchased this pack, feel free to contact me directly at I'm available to provide additional services such as track adjustments, consultation to select the best-suited tracks for your game, and custom music composition, all for an additional fee.