Old Cartoon Music Pack Free

Free 1930s style old cartoon jazz music. 6 bigband, ragtime and bebop jazz tracks for boss battles, fights, environments.

by Tom Feldmann

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This package contains professional instrumental jazz music in an "old 1930s cartoon" style.

Genres include: Big band jazz, bebop jazz and ragtime jazz.

Number of tracks included: 6

This is the free "lite" version of my Cartoon Music Pack, which contains 30 tracks with a playtime of over 41 minutes.

Suited for beginners as well as experienced devs.

Useful for the following games:

  • 1930s style shooters (like Cuphead or Mouse)
  • Old Cartoon atmosphere (like Bendy)
  • Animations with an old projector style
  • Nostalgic games
  • Many more!

All tracks are stereo and in the .wav format. Tracks are not for looping but rather for fading in and out.