Old School Comedy Anime SFX

Tailored for classic Japanese anime games, this package offers synthesizer and quirky percussion sounds to enhance comedic atmosphere, immersing players in humor-filled experiences.

by Michel Barengo

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This sound effect package is tailored for game designers working on comedy classic Japanese anime-inspired games or media projects. It includes a variety of synthesizer sounds and recordings of funny percussion instruments specifically curated to enhance the comedic atmosphere of such projects.

The package offers a diverse range of sounds, from whimsical synthesizer tones to quirky percussion and funny toy sounds, all aimed at capturing the playful and lighthearted essence of classic Japanese anime. These sounds can be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of a game or media project, such as character actions, scene transitions, or comedic moments, to elevate the overall experience and evoke nostalgia for fans of the genre.

Whether it's the cheerful melody of a synthesizer or the whimsical rhythm of a percussion instrument, these sounds have the potential to inject energy and comedic flair into any anime-inspired game or media production.

146 SFX, funny waves 24bit 48 KHz such as:

Guestures (e.g disappoint, angry,mystakes, relief)

Artificial Hits

Funny Whooshes







Lame Gag Sounds

Stupid Idea Sounds


and more

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