Peasants Voice Pack

Hear ye, ye folk of the land! Got us an audio bundle o' peasant talk 'n such. It's just the thing ye need fer yer medieval or fantasy escapades!"

by Chris Burns

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🕹️ Immerse Players: Transport your players to the rustic realms of peasants with this audio pack of phrases fit for a humble journey.

🌟 High-Quality Audio: Expertly crafted phrases that resonate with the simplicity of peasant life, filled with authenticity and charm.

👨‍🌾 Peasant Voice: A versatile rustic male peasant voice, conveying humility, simplicity, and rustic charm.

🔧 Versatile Usage: Suitable for rural quests, village skirmishes, strategy games, or immersive role-playing games set in humble countryside settings.

🔊 Idle Chats: 20 humble statements or questions, including folksy sayings and heartfelt declarations. Perfect for adding some life to your background characters as they wander the village.

🏰 Realms: 50 names for rustic locations such as 'Wheatfield Grove, Country Cottage, Village Market, or Meadow Haven.' Use these to evoke the essence of rural life.

🧙‍♂️ BONUS Wizard Areas: An Additional 50 Wizard Realm names are included from the Wizard Voice pack!

🚶 Moving: 20 different phrases for announcing the arrival at quaint destinations for pivotal moments in your game's storyline, or feedback when issuing a move command.

📜 Peasant Reports: 50 different phrases from simple daily tasks to unexpected encounters! Warnings of imminent rural dangers! "Beware the wolves, for they roam the forests at night."

🚨 Call for aid: "Need help, me lord!" For both male and female commanders: Master/Mistress plenty of phrases for you peasants to notify you of their peril!

🏠 Peasant Buildings: Over 70 Village building names, from farmhouse kitchens to humble workshops. Use them to guide players through rural spaces or in an RTS menu system. Each with an announcement phrase for Building Complete, Under Attack, and Destroyed.

🧌 BONUS Orc Buildings: Orc building names included from the Orc Voice pack, just in case your peasants also have a Boneyard, Beast Den, or Sacrafical Grounds!

👍👎 Yes / No: 20 different Peasant ways for replying yes or no when given commands by either male or female commanders. ie: "Yes m'lord", "No milady".

🎮 Discord Support: Active Discord channel for feedback and requests. Need a specific phrase or word? Write it in the chat and I'll include it in the next update!

The Peasant Voice Pack brings the charm of rustic adventures to life in your fantasy games!