Radio Soldier – Announcer Audio Pack

Radio-style announcer voice pack for FPS or Action games. Voiced and produced by VoiceBosch as part of the SoundBiter SFX Library.

by VoiceBosch

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RADIO SOLDIER is a video game announcer pack that is part of the SoundBiter SFX library. Recorded and produced by VoiceBosch.

Genre: FPS, Action, Shooter
Tone: Serious, Radio Communication, Commanding, Informative
Description: The Radio Soldier pack was created to sound like battlefield radio communications and brings a serious, commanding tone to your FPS and action games. With informative and authoritative commentary, the announcer keeps players focused and immersed in the action, delivering vital updates and commands just like a true soldier in the field.

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1. Watch Your Six
2. Hostiles Inbound
3. Take Out That Sniper
4. Tango Down
5. Area Clear
6. Get to The Extraction Point
7. Enemy Helicopter Inbound
8. Target Neutralized
9. Enemy UAV Overhead
10. Artillery Strike Inbound
11. Watch Your Ammo
12. Enemy Chopper Down
13. Good Work Soldier
14. Sniper Down
15. We're Losing Ground
16. Enemy on the Move
17. Objective Secured
18. Objective Lost
19. Care Package Inbound
20. Mission Accomplished
21. Air Support Inbound
22. Secure the Perimeter
23. Hold Your Position
24. Fire At Will
25. We're Under Attack
26. Entering Hostile Territory
27. You're On Your Own, Good Luck


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