RPG Monsters Vol.1

RPG Monsters Vol.1 contains 104 various monsters sounds

by Justin Jet Zorbas

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Unleash an auditory horror upon your games or animations with RPG Monsters Vol. 1.

This meticulously crafted sound effects library is filled with the terror and tension of 104 unique, high-quality monster sounds, perfect for professionals looking to add depth and horror to their projects.


What’s Inside:

From the bone-chilling gasps and groans of the undead to the unique vocalizations of goblins and the terrifying shrieks of wraiths, this collection spans a wide range of monstrous sounds. Highlights include:

  • Boneless Movements and Vocalizations
  • Gelatinous Cube Sounds, including victim dissolving
  • Ghostly Whispers, Breaths, and Moans
  • Goblin Chatter and Growls
  • Owlbear Growls, Breaths, and Shrieks
  • Skeleton Ambushes, Movements, and Teeth Chattering
  • Rat Swarm Echoes and Feeding Frenzies
  • Mimic Attacks and Growls
  • Wraith Growls, Shrieks, and Wailings
  • Zombie Growls and Moans

Enhance your projects with RPG Monsters Vol. 1, the essential sound effect library for any professional seeking to add a layer of depth and horror to their project.