Sword Combat Sound Effects Pack

High quality and customizable sword combat sound effects, perfect for any project with high-intensity combat.

by HoveAudio

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Discover a wide array of unique and completely customizable sword combat sounds. This pack includes everything you could ever need for combat in your game/film, including sword slashes, stabs, collisions, attacking voice-lines, whooshes, special effects, etc. Each sound has numerous variations, so they are customizable to your exact needs. Perfect for any project in need of gory and high-octane combat sounds.

All sounds are drag-and-drop ready, while having their individual elements available for editing as well. This pack is UCS compliant, so every file is easily searchable and the pack as a whole is a breeze to navigate.

The raw source recordings are included in this pack as well if you are really looking to customize your sounds from the ground up.

Included in this pack:

Sword Stabs (20 base 120 files total)

Sword Collisions (20 base 40 files total)

Whooshes (30 files total)

Voice-lines (88 files total)

Ring FX (20 files total)

Raw Sounds (293 files total)

Full asset list can be found HERE