Synthwave – Cinematic Electronic SciFi Music

Synthwave – Cinematic Electronic SciFi Music is a pack of 18 high-quality tracks designed for royalty-free use in video games.

by Tito Lopez

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This music pack contains 11 tracks, 1 main theme, 6 action tracks and 4 exploration tracks. Additionally, I added alternative exploratory versions of the main theme and the 6 action tracks, giving a total of 18 tracks of Cinematic Electronic SciFi Music in a true Synthwave style. These songs are a mix of energy, action, atmosphere and tension, making them perfect for action RPGs, sci-fi games, tactical shooters and more.


  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Deus Ex
  • Valorant
  • Half Life
  • Katana ZERO
  • Ruiner


  1. Main Theme – Chronicles of the Cyber Hero [Loop]
  2. Action – Cybernetic Combat [Loop]
  3. Action – Nuclear Nexus [Loop]
  4. Action – Digital Destruction [Loop]
  5. Action – Adrenaline Assault [Loop]
  6. Action – Cybernetic Clash – Drill Protocol [Loop]
  7. Action – Heroic Ascendance – Final Clash [Loop]
  8. Exploration – Nuclear Nexus [Loop]
  9. Exploration – Urban Odyssey [Loop]
  10. Exploration – Techscape Traverse [Loop]
  11. Exploration – Neon Horizons [Loop]
  12. Exploration – Cybernetic Combat [Loop]
  13. Exploration – Circuit Serenade [Loop]
  14. Exploration – Digital Destruction [Loop]
  15. Exploration – Adrenaline Assault [Loop]
  16. Exploration – Cybernetic Clash – Drill Protocol [Loop]
  17. Exploration – Chronicles of the Cyber Hero [Loop]
  18. Exploration – Heroic Ascendance Final Clash [Loop]

I hope these clues serve you well for your action RPGs, sci-fi games or tactical shooters! You don’t need to credit me or purchase a license to use them in your commercial game, but I’d love to know when and how you use this music so I can share your game with my audience.


Tito Lopez.