Titan’s Bane – Orchestral Combat Music

Fight deadly skirmishes, epic boss battles, and sound the call for battle with powerful war drums. This pack features large orchestral arrangements suitable for all things video game combat.

by Andrew Chambers Music

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Titan’s Bane is a collection of intense battle music, perfect for any fantasy/action-rpg game. Making use of a full scale symphony orchestra, this pack delivers driving rhythms, dark themes, and gritty textures which thrust the player into desperate high octane combat. The pack offers a solid mix of the precarious, the triumphant, and the apocalyptic.

The pack is organized into 3 main folders:

  • "Full Tracks" contains the original 9 non-looping music tracks in their entirety
  • "Loops" contains 9 seamlessly loopable versions with full instrumentation & minimal alterations
  • "Alt Loops" contains 8 stripped down versions of each track with reduced instrumentation & main melodies removed, for a lower profile loop


  1. Arisen Ones (Full Track)
  2. Arisen Ones (Loop)
  3. Arisen Ones - Alt (Loop)
  4. Blood Oath (Full Track)
  5. Blood Oath (Loop)
  6. Blood Oath - Alt (Loop)
  7. Colossus (Full Track)
  8. Colossus (Loop)
  9. Colossus - Alt (Loop)
  10. Curved Swords (Full Track)
  11. Curved Swords (Loop)
  12. Curved Swords - Alt (Loop)
  13. Endless Horde (Full Track)
  14. Endless Horde (Loop)
  15. Marauders (Full Track)
  16. Marauders (Loop)
  17. Marauders - Alt (Loop)
  18. Tension (Full Track)
  19. Tension (Loop)
  20. Tension - Alt (Loop)
  21. The Duel (Full Track)
  22. The Duel (Loop)
  23. The Duel - Alt (Loop)
  24. Weapons Ready (Full Track)
  25. Weapons Ready (Loop)
  26. Weapons Ready - Alt (Loop)

Music Quality:

Titan’s Bane was created with industry-leading software used in professional studios worldwide, each track delivers a polished, high-quality sound, elevating your game to new heights of immersion.

Technical Details:

26 Stereo WAV music tracks (16-bit / 44.1kHz)
Bit rate: 1411 kbps
397MB uncompressed

39 Minutes of music
9 non-looping tracks
17 seamlessly looping tracks

Royalty-Free license

**If you'd like to learn more about Andrew or his ongoing projects, visit andrewchamberscomposer.com