Ultimate Game Music Pack №2

The "Ultimate Game Music Pack #2" offers an impressive collection of music and audio, serving as a complete and versatile solution for your gaming projects and creative pursuits.

by AisenCorporation

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Ultimate Game Music Pack №2 offers you:


  1. Ready music package
  2. Full immersed tracks
  3. Organized into folders for easy use
  4. Works with any projects


This package contains more than 50 music tracks.

List of all tracks in the package.


  • Contemporary electronic music.
  • Dynamic music.


Audio data can be used:


  • For public, personal and commercial purposes.
  • For the background of your project.
  • For special effects inside the game.
  • Before purchasing an asset, you do not have the right to use tracks without indicating the author and the purchased license, but after that, everything is in your hands.


Global properties:

Length: 3:27:55.484 (550,168,849 samples)

Sampling frequency: 44100 Hz

Channels: 2

Bits per sample: 24 (83.9%); 16 (16.1%)

Average bitrate: 2004 kbps

Codec: PCM

Encoding: lossless

Total number of tracks: 56 only in .wav format

Total track size: 2.90 GB

In addition to the tracks, the asset contains a README.pdf file that serves as a list of all tracks within the project


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