Medical image viewer leveraging the VTK library. Provides a hardcoded example scene dedicated to medical imaging to showcase the rendering and processing capabilities of the VTKUnity-Activiz asset.

by Kitware Europe

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Kitware provides this asset to showcase the integration of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) in Unity through a minimalist medical image viewer.

It provides a small subset of the VTK features for medical image processing and visualization to allow users to load their medicales images and visualize them in their Unity application.

DICOM folders, NifTI(nii, nii.gz), Nrrd (.nrrd, .nhdr), MetaImage (mha, mhd), and VTK (.vti) input file formats are supported.

2D slice (MPR) and 3D volume rendering representations of the data are available.

This asset is not meant to be customized nor extended. To integrate the full set of VTK processing and rendering capabilities in your Unity project, one should use the VTKUnity-ActiViz asset which gives access to the complete set of VTK features in a C# API.