Business Tycoon – Idle Clicker

Complete Business Tycoon Idle Clicker project - Ready to publish. Business Tycoon game like AdVenture Capitalist.

by eSolutions Assets

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In this game, the primary objective is simple: click and watch your capital grow rapidly. Each click leads to flourishing businesses, soaring profits, and expanding empires, all while the player relaxes and observes the numbers climb. However, beneath this simplicity lies strategic depth, requiring players to optimize investments, upgrade enterprises, and strategically manage resources to maximize earnings.

These addictive simulations revolve around time as the ultimate currency, driving players to continuously click, tap, and dream of becoming the ultimate business tycoon.

This game is prepared for release straight out of the box, with seamless functionality and adaptability.

Demo: Try the WebGL Demo (No Ads, IAP or Saving in demo)

Here are some key features:

· Addictive gameplay

· In-app purchasing for a customizable shop experience

· Unity Ads integration for rewarded ads

· Hiring managers to automate clicking tasks

· Unlockable upgrades to enhance profits

· Idle profit calculator for offline earnings

· Automatic save and load functionality across sessions

· Profit boost mechanics for accelerated growth

· Spin and win rewards system

· Timed free gifts to incentivize engagement

· Milestone gallery to track progress

· Prestige feature allowing players to reset the game and earn investors

· Prefabricated elements for easy implementation of businesses, managers, and upgrades

· Daily rewards to enhance player retention

· Purchase multipliers (x1, x10, x50, x100, and Max) for faster progression

· Optimized for mobile devices.

· Ready to publish to both Android and iOS platforms

Features includes: (You can expand and add more)

· Businesses: 10

· Managers: 30

· IAP products in shop: 5

· Boost in shop: 3

· Upgrades: 735

· Unlockable milestones: 643


We don't accept refund if the asset is downloaded. Please try the demo before purchase.