Car Jam 3D | Complete Game (Easy to level + Admob)

Complete Puzzle Game | Easy to Reskin, Easy to Level, Admob

by Ninesoft

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Car Jam 3D: Colorful Vehicles Puzzle

Experience the thrill of controlling traffic flow on the road! Car Jam 3D is a fun puzzle game filled with challenging puzzles.

Game Features:

Colorful Vehicles: Different colored vehicles are on the road. Your task is to select the vehicles with the desired colors from the bottom and send them down!

Tactical Thinking: Strategic thinking is required to progress on the road. If the front vehicle is blocking the way, strategically remove other vehicles to keep the traffic flowing.

Various Roads: Throughout the game, you’ll encounter different challenges. Roads can be complex networks or straight lines. Experience a new puzzle-solving challenge at each level!

Why Play Car Jam 3D?

Mental Challenges: Offers a challenging experience with puzzles that will stimulate your brain.

Strategic Thinking: Use your strategy to choose when to remove each vehicle.

Addictive Gameplay: Provides hours of fun with its simple yet addictive gameplay.Test your traffic management skills with Car Jam 3D and easily navigate even the most complex roads!


✔ Unity Source Codes (2021.3.33f1 or  higher)

✔ Creating a level is very easy in unity (read doc)

✔ Endless Level Loop (+25 unique levels)

✔ Admob (Rewarded, Interstitial, Banner)

✔ Admob editor