DOTS Traffic City

DOTS Traffic City is a powerful tool for creating city traffic based on any Asset Pack using a high performance DOTS Entities package.

by 604Spirit

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DOTS Traffic City is a powerful tool for creating city traffic based on any Asset Pack using a high performance DOTS Entities package.

  • Mobile friendly. Simulate thousands of interacting vehicles and pedestrians even on mobile.
  • Performance. Try a demo project depending on your platform to test performance. View the latest screenshots to see performance results.
  • Rapid integration. Integrate any city Asset Pack in 20 minutes using convenient templates and tools.
  • Simulation. Simulate thousands of entities without using physics or raycasting (physics simulation is also available).
  • Editor. Many flexible tools to create the city of your dreams.
  • Demo. GTA like sample scene included!
  • Sound. Integration of the FMOD sound engine into bursted jobs.
  • Documentation. All components of DOTS City are linked to online documentation.
  • Source code. All code included.
  • Pre-made templates. Use pre-built road templates for your favourite cities (POLYGON City, City Pack 1, Toon City) in one click.
  • 3rd party. More 3d party integrations in the near future.
  • New sample scene coming soon.
  • More info read the key features section below.


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  • Only works with Unity 2022.3.19 & Entities 1.1.0.pre-3 or higher.
  • The project overwrites the settings, be sure to make a project backup before using tool.
  • WebGL not supported.
  • Roads can only be modified in the editor.
  • Vehicles with trailers or wagons are not currently supported for NoPhysics.
  • Animator with sceletal bone animation in pure DOTS space currently not available (available only hybrid entities with Animator approach or pure entities with GPU animations).
  • NavMesh surface obstacles calculated only with NavMeshObstacle.
  • Ragdoll is currently only supported with default colliders.

Key features


  • Physics. Vehicles can work with:
  • Parking. Customizable parking lines and parking areas.
  • Speed control. Automatic vehicle speed control depending on lane speed limit, traffic lights, other traffic.
  • Lane changing. Auto-lane change based on traffic congestion or road type.
  • Traffic group. Vehicles can only pass through lanes according to the selected traffic group type.
  • Traffic public. Vehicles that can move through predefined road or randomly on the city. It can also pick up pedestrians at stop stations.
  • Fast creation. Quick and easy tool to add any vehicle to the city.
  • Avoidance. Avoidance system can resolve the situation if cars get stuck apart from each other.
  • Priority. The vehicles pass through the intersections according to the priority of the road.
  • Antistuck. Antistuck system that destroys the entity if they get stuck for a while and aren't in the player's camera.
  • Jam. Cars won't enter crossroad if they can't get through to avoid causing a traffic jam.
  • Culling. Vehicles will only spawn around the player.
  • Combined physics. The cars closest to the player have their own physics, while the cars further away have no physics.
  • LOD. LOD system for the vehicles depending on the distance to the camera.
  • Tests. Traffic test scene where all parameters can be tested with a set of most traffic situations.
  • Damage. Health & damage systems example included.


  • Rig type:
    • Legacy pedestrian. Hybrid entities tied to the Unity Mechanim Animator.
    • Pure GPU. Pure entities that animated by the GPU, can be useful for extreme amount of the entities.
  • Simulation type:
    • Physics. The pedestrian has a physics collider.
    • No physics. A pedestrian doesn't have a physical collider, all interactions and collisions are calculated by custom jobs.
  • Behaviour. Multiple behaviours (idle, walking, running, talking, sitting).
  • Navigation:
    • Local avoidance. Simple lightweight method to avoid vehicles.
    • Navmesh avoidance. Calculate NavMesh paths on the NavMesh surfaces by bursted job.
  • Culling. Pedestrian will only spawn around the player.
  • Culling state. Only pedestrians in the player's line of sight are fully active.
  • Ragdoll. Currently ragdoll supported only with default colliders (Ragdoll tool cloner to clone similar Ragdolls, included).
  • Event triggering. Event impact on pedestrians by area.
  • Tests. Pedestrian test scene where the workability of entities can be tested.


  • Traffic road. Multiple road templates and custom road customization tools.
  • Pedestrian road. Includes tool to quickly create routes for the pedestrians.
  • Streaming. Create infinitely large cities by dividing 3D assets of the city and road entities into chunks for streaming at runtime.
  • Culling. All entities in the city changed their behaviour depending on the culling state (including traffic and pedestrians).
  • Physics culling. Only the physics objects closest to the player are involved in the physics evaluation.
  • Traffic light. Quick and easy setting of traffic lights.
  • Props. Examples of prop systems that handle the behaviour of props based on damage taken or distance from the player.
  • Debug. Convenient visualisation of data on scene.
  • Tests. Props test scene where the workability of entities can be tested.


  • Road segment creator. Tool containing the most commonly used 9 Road templates, allowing you to quickly and easily set waypoints and route settings of any complexity.
  • Parking builder. A tool is used to create parking lines or areas of any complexity.
  • Pedestrian node creator. Tool to quickly create routes for the pedestrians.
  • Car prefab creator. Tool to quickly convert 3d models of the vehicle to the traffic entities in just a few clicks.
  • Global traffic light settings. A tool to connect traffic lights and traffic nodes, pedestrian nodes, crossroads, and visually display the timings of each traffic light on the scene.
  • Path data viewer. Tool for quickly and conveniently viewing of paths and path's waypoints data.
  • TrafficNode data viewer. Tool for quick and convenient viewing of traffic node data.
  • Path creator. Tool for creating paths to connect traffic nodes.
  • Animation baker. Tool to quickly create GPU animations for pedestrians.
  • SubScene chunk creator. Tool for dividing the 3D assets of scene into chunks to load them in runtime.
  • Ragdoll cloner. Tool cloner to clone similar Ragdolls already created.


  • Demo. GTA like sample scene.
  • Traffic test scene. Traffic test scene where all parameters can be tested with a set of most traffic situations.
  • Pedestrian test scene. Pedestrian test scene where the workability of entities can be tested.
  • Props test scene. Props test scene where the workability of entities can be tested.
  • City stress scene. Stress scene that combines thousands of vehicles and pedestrians.
  • City stress scene mobile. Mobile version.
  • Traffic stress scene. Stressed scene is extremely crowded with vehicles.
  • Traffic stress scene mobile. Mobile version.
  • Pedestrian stress scene. Stressed scene is extremely crowded with pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian stress scene mobile. Mobile version.
  • Pedestrian animation stress scene. Performance scene comparison between Unity Animator animations and GPU animations.
  • Vehicle physics stress scene. Stress scene for the thousands cars with custom vehicle controller.
  • Vehicle custom physics test scene. Scene for testing various parameters of the custom vehicle controller.


  • 15 vehicles (including LOD0, LOD1, LOD2).
  • 8 animated humanoid pedestrians.
  • 1 player humanoid npc.
  • 5 houses.
  • 4 types of traffic lights.
  • 29 ground tiles.
  • 10 props.
  • 2 guns.
  • 2 walls.
  • All models are lowpoly and created on a texture atlas.

Tutorial Playlist:

  1. Getting started
  2. Vehicle integration
  3. Vehicle custom adjusment
  4. Legacy pedestrian integration
  5. GPU pedestrian integration
  6. City configuration general overview
  7. RoadSegment creator general overview
  8. RoadSegment light settings
  9. RoadSegment custom straight road
  10. RoadSegment custom segment
  11. RoadSegment parking builder mode
  12. RoadSegment custom traffic area
  13. RoadSegment Placer
  14. Road final steps
  15. Traffic public setup
  16. Pedestrian node general overview
  17. Pedestrian node creator
  18. Road streaming integration
  19. Streaming entity scene
  20. Entity debug tools
  21. Road debug tools
  22. Traffic test scene
  23. Pedestrian test scene

Third-party usage:


For more information read the Third-Party Notices.txt