Narrator Event System

Revolutionize your interactive storytelling experience! Imagine having a versatile Narrator who dynamically comments on your players' actions as they guide them through your game world.

by Chris Burns

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Enhance your game's immersive experience with this Unity asset! Utilize this incredible tool to seamlessly trigger captivating audio prompts while displaying accompanying text or images. Immerse players in your game's narrative and effortlessly guide them through each level with expertly crafted instructions that can react to what they're doing in the game.

Take your tutorial levels to new heights with this versatile asset. The prompts are intelligently designed to listen to and react to player feedback, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Make a dynamic Narrator like in games such as ‘The Stanley Parable’, or ‘High on Life’

With a wide range of options, you can choose from a random list of narration clips. This ingenious feature enhances the replayability factor of your game, making every playthrough feel fresh and natural for the player.

Elevate your game design and captivate your players like never before!

Demo Scene included with examples!



  • Video Setup tutorial and step-by-step guide
  • Illustrated Documentation explaining the full system in detail
  • Easily create Narration Events with Text Audio Prompts
  • Organised Scriptable Object workflow
  • Set trigger options with delays, random timings, random choices
  • Trigger Narration Events on Player Collision
  • Listen to Player or NPC Animation Controllers to Trigger Narration Events
  • Link Narration Events to Unity Events
  • Link other game elements to trigger with Narration Events fire
  • Simple Prefab drag and drop system
  • The narrator can exist between scenes and during scene loading
  • Easily connect to a Save System to remember played Narration Events
  • Discord support channel