Oodles Engine – Physics Gameplay

Oodles Engine: Create dynamic physical game worlds with interactive characters and scenes.

by TechFusion Studios

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Oodles Engine is a feature-rich library designed for creating physics-based games. It primarily includes a control system for physical characters and tools for customizing these characters. The engine supports a range of platforms, including desktop, mobile, and webgl.

Please Try the Windows Demo First Demo(Windows)

Oodles Engine Includes:

  1. Active Ragdoll Character Controller - Implements physics-based movement with actions such as running, jumping, attacking, and picking up objects. The demo includes a Tutorial Room showcasing the capabilities of the character controller.
  2. Physics Character Creation Tools - Transform humanoid character models into physical characters, allowing customization of their appearance.
  3. Enemy AI - Engaging and simple AI that can interact and fight with players.
  4. Interactive Physics Objects - Features objects that can be manipulated, such as liftable items or weapons like clubs.

All source code is included, but the multiple model assets shown in the video are not included.

Note* If you wish to run on the Built-in Render Pipeline or the High Definition Render Pipeline, you simply need to manually replace the material files.

Asset uses:

1.fluid-behavior-tree under MIT License;

2.EventBetter under MIT License;

see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

Dive into a world of physics-driven gameplay and endless creative possibilities—join us today and start building your game's future with Oodles Engine.