Truck Simulator Template

A mobile game template for Truck Driving with most necessary features.

by STE Games

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Featuring Truck Driving Simulator, a Mobile Game for anyone wanting to create a similar one.

With this you do not have to create everything from scratch. Simply import this package and edit out the GUIs and Environments, add your own levels and trucks, and you are set to go!

Here are is the APK demo. Download for android and test it out before purchasing.

Here are the key features in the template:

  • A well functioning Truck Controller script for controlling player Truck.
  • 3 types of mobile controls: Button arrows, tilt and wheelsteer control.
  • Can add as many camera view angle as you want when driving Truck.
  • Game settings include Audio, Graphics and Control setttings.
  • A Truck garage where upgradables and paint are bought.
  • 11 player Truck vehicles already configured.
  • 5 different types of upgradables to each player Truck.
  • 5 different types of environment to edit.
  • Easy to setup and add more levels.
  • Great custom editing where appropriate to speed up your workflow.
  • A shopping panel where you can add your own items.

There are no Ads or IAP setup. You will have to implement those yourself.