Advanced PlayerPrefs PRO

Advanced PlayerPrefs PRO, securely store & manage player prefs.a user-friendly editor tool. Wide range of data types supported & Device Key mode for added security. Easy to use API.

by DaVanci Ink

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The Advanced PlayerPrefs Unity asset is a powerful tool that allows developers to securely store and manage player preferences within their Unity game. It features advanced encryption techniques to protect player data, a user-friendly editor tool for managing preferences directly from the Unity editor, and support for a wide range of data types.


  • Advanced encryption techniques for secure player data
  • A wide range of data types is supported, including strings, integers, booleans, doubles, longs, vectors, colors, and collections
  • Easy-to-use API for retrieving and saving player preferences
  • The decryption of saved data
  • User-friendly editor tool for managing preferences, including adding, modifying, and deleting preferences
  • "Device Key" mode for added security
  • Customizable encryption settings.

Advanced usage:

  • Create a backup of player preferences using the editor tool
  • Use the encryption key to decrypt data on different platforms or devices
  • Use "Device Key" mode to generate a new encryption key for each device
  • Export & import your custom keys.


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