AI Toolkit for unity

Requires UniTask (2.3.1+).

AI Toolkit for unity sup ...

by Glitch9 Inc.

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Requires UniTask (2.3.1+).

AI Toolkit for unity supercharges your game development journey, offering seamless integration of cutting-edge AI capabilities directly into Unity.

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Central to AI Toolkit for unity , UniTask serves as a foundational library for managing asynchronous operations, offering a more efficient and performant alternative to Unity's coroutines. Through its lightweight implementation, UniTask facilitates enhanced execution speeds and smoother operational flow, thus significantly optimizing both the development process and runtime performance.

AI Toolkit for unity extends comprehensive support to all OpenAI services, encompassing the innovative beta AssistantsAPI and the following endpoints for a full spectrum of AI integration:
Chat: Engage with Completion and Streaming capabilities for interactive conversations.
Image: Unlock Creation, Editing, and Variation tools for dynamic visual content.
Audio: Leverage Speech (Text-to-Speech), Transcription (Speech-to-Text), and Translation services for auditory immersion.
Embeddings: Explore deep insights with advanced data analysis.
Fine-tuning: Customize and refine AI models to fit your specific project requirements, including Model Training.
Moderations: Ensure content appropriateness with advanced filtering.
[beta] Assistants API: Access Assistants, Threads, Messages, and Runs with future support for streaming.

Assistant Tool:
Abstracts the complex AssistantsAPI calling process, enabling developers to integrate AI functionalities into their applications more easily.
Just create a custom response object you want to receive from the API, and you are all set.
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Scriptable Toolkits:
ScriptableObject-based tools that provides a user-friendly interface for developers to quickly leverage capabilities such as natural language processing, image generation, and speech conversion directly in their Unity projects.
Learn more about Scriptable Toolkits

Editor Tools:
Leverage advanced AI models with our Editor Tools suite for creative content generation and interaction.
EditorGPT: Generates text, dialogues, and code within the Unity Editor.
EditorDALL·E: Creates and edits images from text within the Unity Editor.
EditorTTS: Converts text to speech for game audio within the Unity Editor.

Management Tools:
Model Management Tool: Offers a bird's-eye view of all OpenAI models, including custom fine-tuned models, simplifying the management and deployment of AI features within your projects.
Log Management Tool: Tracks all interactions with OpenAI services, providing invaluable insights for project management and auditing.

Code Generators:
C# Script Generator: Automates the creation of C# scripts based on descriptive prompts, accelerating development and reducing manual coding effort.
Unity Component Generator: Facilitates the instant generation and integration of MonoBehaviour scripts as components, enhancing development speed and creativity.
This asset uses UniTask for asynchronous operations under MIT License. UniTask is not included in the package and must be downloaded separately from its official site. See the Third-Party Notices.txt file in the package for license details.