Asset Inventory 2

Find assets inside everything you ever purchased without importing and bring single files in with just a click. Your asset workflow on steroids: a lightning-fast search for assets from all sources.

by Impossible Robert

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Put your asset workflow on steroids and say good-bye to the Package Manager as you know it! Asset Inventory is your ultimate asset companion: a lightning-fast search for assets for your current project. Find content in assets you purchased or downloaded without importing and bring single files in with just a click.

Eliminate the time-consuming task of finding a sound file, a texture or a model you know you purchased but which is hidden inside one of your many Asset Store purchases. The Asset Inventory provides a complete list of all assets you own, including their content.

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Powerful Search

Browse & find anything inside your purchased assets. Quickly preview audio files. Narrow your search using asset type, tags, image dimensions, audio length, color and more. Exclude items you don’t want to see. Save and recall searches.

Easy Setup

Works out of the box. Lots of optional view & configuration options. Hassle-free indexing. Start, stop & resume at any time. Works with Unity 2019.4 and higher. Windows, Mac & Linux. Lightning-fast indexing and search.

Intelligent Import & Export

Import only what you need instead of a whole package. Automatically determines asset dependencies to import complex prefabs and materials. Save space & reduce clutter in your project. Bulk import multiple packages at once. Automatically store imported assets in a specific sub-folder and keep the Assets root clean. Export assets easily for reuse in other contexts. Automatically converts materials to URP.

Many Sources

Your complete asset library: Automatically indexes Asset Store purchases. Triggers download of missing assets. Handles packages from registries. Supports custom folders to search through Unity packages downloaded from other locations. Indexes folders and Zip archives containing arbitrary media files like 3D models, audio libraries, textures and more. Automatically generates previews.


Automatically imports labels from the Asset Store. Use additional tags to group assets effectively. Assign tags to either packages or individual files inside packages. Assign colors and group by tags. Exclude unwanted items. Perform bulk operations. Import multiple assets and packages in one go. Builds on Package2Folder to allow importing packages into a custom sub-folder. Backup packages automatically to ensure you always have a working version to go back to.

Reverse Lookup

Quickly identify used assets and packages in your project.

Constant Updates & Support

Receive regular updates, optimizations, and new features. Super-fast support. Discuss ideas in a great Discord community.

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