Automated Voices

Convert text files to audio with Aureola's Automated Voices using AI TTS services like PlayHT & ChatGPT. Multiple audio formats, 1-click creation for prototyping, wizard with full customization.

by Aureola

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Aureola's Automated Voices is a development tool for converting JSON, CSV, or TXT files into audio using AI text-to-speech services like PlayHT and ChatGPT. It's suitable for creating voice-overs or game audio, offering a range of voices and customization options. PlayHT supports the creation of custom voice clones. The integrated TTS services include free options for non-commercial use, support multiple languages and audio formats (MP3, WAV), though English is universally supported across all providers.

Important: Costs of the Text-To-Speech services not included in package price!


ChatGPT's Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities enable the conversion of text into natural-sounding audio in multiple languages and dialects, leveraging advanced speech synthesis technology. Through its API, ChatGPT allows for easy integration into various applications, supporting the automated generation of voiceovers, audiobooks, and other spoken word content.


  • Currently offers 6 different voices.
  • Supports multiple languages and dialects.
  • Voice generation is fast and reliable.


OpenAI offers several different pricing tiers for Audio models:

  • TTS: $15.00 / 1M characters
  • TTS HD: $30.00 / 1M characters

For detailed information, please visit OpenAI's pricing page. Please note that OpenAI's Usage Policies require you to provide a clear disclosure to end users that the TTS voice they are hearing is AI-generated and not a human voice.

PlayHT is a cutting-edge Text to Speech (TTS) platform that transforms text into lifelike audio content in various languages and accents. Its API enables seamless integration for automating audio content creation, featuring an extensive range of realistic voices. Notably, also offers the capability to create custom voice clones, enhancing personalization and brand consistency across audio content.


  • Offers a variety of voices for creating voice-overs or game audio.
  • Offers a wide range of customization options for voice type, style, and more.
  • Can be used to create custom voice clones, offering unique customization options for project needs.
  • Can be used for free in non-commercial projects.
  • PlayHT claims to be the fastest TTS service on the market.


PlayHT offers several different plans for Audio generation including a free plan:

  • Free Plan: $0.00 / 12,500 characters per month, 1 Instant Voice clone, non-commercial use only!
  • Hacker: $5.00 / 25,000 characters per month, $0.25 per every additional 1000 characters, 10 Instant Voice clones.
  • Startup: $299.00 / Up to 1.5 million characters (~ 33 hours) per month, $0.20 per every additional 1000 characters, 750 instant clones.
  • Growth: $999.00 / Up to 10 million characters (~ 225 hours) per month, $0.10 per every additional 1000 characters, Unlimited instant clones.

For detailed & up to date information, please visit PlayHT's pricing page.


This package should work in all currently supported Unity versions. If you have any questions or need help with the package, join the Discord Server.