Black Rose Instanced Animation System

A must-have for efficient rendering large crowds. Introducing our animation tool with all pipelines support. Convert skinned meshes with Unity Animator into baked assets with GPU Instancing.

by Black Rose Projects

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Support for Built-in, URP and HDRP
-Converting model with skinned meshes with Unity Animator into baked asset Instanced Animation Data containing prepared meshes and materials. 

- Support for models with multiple skinned mesh renderers as well as LOD (support up to 4 levels of LOD + culled state) with keeping renderer settings like layer and shadows modes.
- Configuration of which animations should be baked with ability to set animations frames per second globally or individually for each animation.

- Support only for first animator layer
- Supports animation speed
- Full support for state transitions with their parameters
- Support for Sub-State Machines in animator

- Support for culling mode for each Instanced Animation Renderer

- Support transition between any two animations

Easy asset configuration

-Setup Instanced Animation Data by delivered tool, which allow config LOD, bounding, attachments and animations preview
- Easy adding Instanced Animation to scene even by Drag&Drop
in Project Settings tab:

- configuration of visability Instanced Animation Renderers in scene view during play mode, pause mode and edit mode
- configurable number of instances per batch
- configurable maximal instances count

Support for attachments instancing

- Attachments are batched by mesh, material and parent instance
- Creating and configuration of attachments by simple UI tool
- Option to create groups of attachments that share same parameters
- Support for virtual bones synchronization on demand for Transforms
- Support for custom shader property block values with example of how to integrate them into Instanced Rendering System

Support for using Instanced Animation Data and rendering without GameObjects
Contains examples for Built-in, URP and HDRP


- No support for animator mask and layer blending 

- No support for for blend tree  

- No Support for parametrisiert mirror mode and cycle offset 

- No support Foot IK