Collectible Document System

This asset, allows you collect files, images, books and store them in an object. Then show them in UI. Asset contains: scripts, sample prefabs and demo example.

by MBAGaming

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An animated file system. It allows you to collect documents like: files,images and books and store them to player in a list:

* Easy to attach deattach

* 2 Types (Single - Multi)

* You can always change UI style and backgrounds easily.

* A file prefab

* Animated

* Event system support

* Allows you to change file sprite, book sprite etc.

* Multi version allows you 3 types of documents seperately (file, book, image)

* You don't have to write script for file system.

* Example: to open door, you need 4 digit passcode. You can read it in file and enter it.

* Screen pickup text: e)take etc:

* Save/Load from PlayerPrefs or An external file. Your call.

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