COZY Pro: Stylized Weather Bundle

Contains COZY 3: Stylized Weather and all the COZY: Weather modules at a discounted price. Follow the import instructions for access to the modules!

by Distant Lands

★★★★★ star rating
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Distant Lands presents

COZY Pro: Stylized Weather Bundle

Everything you need to control the skies in your next stylized game. COZY Pro is more than a simple weather system; it is a full-scale world manager with 25+ modules for fully-featured systems. 

Contains all COZY Modules at a discounted price

  • COZY 3: Stylized Weather
  • COZY: Plume - Volumetric Clouds Module
  • COZY: Habits - Extended Calender Module
  • COZY: Blocks - Preset-Based Atmosphere Module
  • COZY: Link - Multiplayer Support Module
  • COZY: Eclipse - Sun Occlusion Module
  • COZY: ReSound - Adaptive Soundtrack Module