CRS – Choose Reward System

Choose Reward System (CRS) allows to implement a rarity-based reward system where the player needs to choose one, like the ones you can see in modern rogue-lites & card games, in just some minutes.

by Anawim Studios

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Easily create rewards systems where the player needs to choose an option from a rarity-based rewards pool.

Easy to use

It is based in Scriptable Objects and a RewardManager monobehaviour. So you don't need to worry about any details.

use it everywhere

Literally, you can integrate it in any genre. The Choose reward mechanic is awesome, and it is a widely success in rogue-lites, modern rogue-likes, survivors, and card games.

Make it yours

The system is not attached to any kind of visual style, in fact, the examples are using plain UI elements. So you can feel free to make your own amazing aesthetics and rest assured that the system is easy to integrate.

Battle-tested by our own games

Yeah, we have some rogue-lite games in progress and they are using this same system like a charm.

Checkout the features list!

Source code included!

You read it right, the whole source code is included so you can learn and make any necesary adjusment for your special use cases. However, if you would like us to include any feature, let us know and we will take a look!

Complete Documentation

Checkout the links in the next section for the PDF docs and video tutorials (in english only).

The code contains complete C# Summary docs. Including parameters and return values.

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