Currency Collect Helper

Currency Collection Helper is a cool VISUAL template to help you speed up your game development! It is focused on creating effects of collecting currencies in your game (coins, crystals, gold, etc..)

by Holender Games

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Currency Collect Helper for Unity

Main Features

- Animated Counter for smooth user experience

- Animated Currency Collection: Linear Burst or any Shape Burst

- Customizable Shape Burst of currency/items 

- In the demo 3 examples of shapes: Rectangle, Triangle, Smile emoji shape (But you can create any shape you want easily by dragging items)

- As a helper to demonstrate and initiate the animated pickup process, a mouse-click pickup is being used.

Not Included:

The package mainly consists of the visual and animated part of card handling. It does not include game logic or game specific collection methods.

Future Updates:

I plan to add more types of animations upon requests.

Feel free to message me with new ideas and features to add to this package,

I would love to assist!

Asset uses art and images generated by with royalty-free license. see Third-Party License-Art.txt file in package for details.