Debug Manager – UI Tool

Unity Custom Editor for DebugManager enhances Inspector with a user-friendly interface, enabling dynamic debug panel configuration with variable selection, and collision interaction.

by Victor Christofoletti

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DebugManager -> Panels

  • Dynamic Canvas Setup: Automatically generates a Canvas object if one doesn't already exist, using a specified name. Additionally, it establishes a debug folder as a child of the Canvas.
  • Dynamic Panel Setup: Generates debug panels dynamically, each with associated text. This feature allows for the customization of visual properties such as color and text content.
  • Dynamic Panel Updates: Ensures continuous updates of the panels based on the variables associated with scripts, facilitating real-time debugging.
  • Differentiated Variable Handling: Provides specialized handling for various data types including boolean, integer, float, string, and transform variables. The panel color updates dynamically based on the values of these variables, aiding in quick visualization of data states.

DebugManager -> Gizmo

  • Dynamic Gizmo Setup: Allows users to create a customizable Gizmo based on their preferences, with options including lines, boxes, or spheres.
  • Gizmo Options: Offers a wide range of customization options including length, transform, and style, enabling users to tailor the Gizmo to their specific requirements.
  • Gizmo Collisions: Incorporates collision interaction into the Gizmo functionality. Users can define a collider name along with corresponding colors for true and false collision states, enhancing debugging capabilities.