Effect Engine

Pimp your game with the most powerful effect generator.

by Pampel Games

★★★★★ star rating
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Minimum Unity Version 2021.2 LTS +

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Want to bring your project to the next level?

Effect Engine is not just a library; it's a fully generic tool that allows you to modify any custom components, materials or post-processing volumes to create the most awesome effects and combinations within minutes. All through a single inspector component and without the need to write a single line of code.

Choose from ready-made prefabs or craft your own effects from scratch. The setup is quick and simple, yet the modular architecture and numerous options provide near infinite artistic possibilities. Simply drag in a component and let your creativity run wild!


This is Version 2 of the popular Effect Engine. A complete overhaul, introducing new features and placing a major focus on ease of use, aimed at getting users going as quickly and efficiently as possible.

💎 Powerful

  • Modify any custom Components, Materials and Post-Processing Volumes.
  • Combine any amount of Actions (Animate, Shake, Spawn Objects etc.).
  • Connect different value types from different components.
  • Automatic detection of hidden properties and fields.
  • Usable with methods with up to 2 parameters.
  • Global Interruption System.
  • Comprehensive Event System.
  • System Component to conveniently control multiple Engines.

User Friendly

  • Any Genre and Platform.
  • Performant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Modular Architecture.
  • Extensible.
  • Runtime Profiler.
  • Integrated Pooling.
  • API.


  • Up-to-date Online Documentation.
  • Helpful Tooltips.
  • Demo Scenes.
  • Active Support (Discord, Email).

🧾 Full Source Code included