Endless Tunnel Game Toolkits

Basic functional points of the Endless Tunnel Games!

by Duckweed

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Endless Tunnel Game Toolkit is a comprehensive Unity package designed for developers, featuring a path randomization script, List<Vector3> automatic channel generation script, 800+ Tile or Noise textures, and 30 example channel effects. With these resources, you can create infinite lengths and varieties of tunnel effects for your projects. Additionally, if there is significant interest from users, further updates may include particle effects within channels, random prefab generation within channels, additional channel path functions, and integration with Cinemachine for custom paths.

Key Features:

  • Path Randomization Script: Quickly generate diverse game channels with the path randomization script, offering limitless possibilities for your projects.
  • Automatic Channel Generation Script: Utilize the List<Vector3> automatic channel generation script to simplify the process of creating channels, saving development time and effort.
  • 800+ Texture Resources: Access over 800 Tile or Noise textures to enrich your channel effects and create unique gaming environments.
  • 30 Example Channel Effects: Explore 30 example channel effects for inspiration and reference, accelerating the creation of captivating game scenes.

Future Development:

If there is interest from the community, future updates may include additional channel effects and functionalities, such as particle effects within channels, random prefab generation within channels, more channel path functions, and support for Cinemachine custom paths. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions through comments or email to guide future development efforts.


Endless Tunnel Game Toolkit empowers developers to craft immersive gaming experiences with endless tunnel possibilities. With a wealth of resources and convenient tools, you can effortlessly create various channel effects to challenge and entertain players. Dive into Endless Tunnel Game Toolkit today and embark on a journey of limitless creativity in game development!