Gravity Engine 2

Add orbital mechanics and gravitational physics to your game. Illustrate ship orbits and maneuvers in your custom universe or within our solar system.

by Nbody Physics

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Gravity Engine 2 provides a complete toolkit for your space game physics.

- create and configure orbits with editor and in-scene views

- support for manual maneuvers, Hohmann and Lambert transfers

- propagators for KEPLER, SGP4, ephemeris and PKEPLER motion

- ability to use multiple evolution engines (no singletons!) in a scene

- optional use of the Unity job system to offload physics calculations

- clear separation between gravitational computation and the display of objects, optional multiple displays

- simple, focused API

- clear separation of world, physics and display scales

- support for patched conic evolution

- ability to build ALL of the solar system (planets, moons and small objects) in a sensible heirarchical model

No programming or math required.

Release Notes and Docs

Complete source code provided.

Developed by a professional programmer with a PhD in astrophysics.

How does this compare to Gravity Engine?

Gravity Engine will continue to be supported.