Guard Int (Save, Memory hack)

Memory hacking proof! Save-file manipulation proof! More secured with DLL. One-more-step secured with Unique device id of a user from your product.

by 1506 Games/Studio NAP

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Don't be afraid of memory hack and save-file manipulation.

GuardInt is here!

- Memory hacking

GuardInt includes very secured primitive variables below.

GuardInt for int,

GuardLong for long,

GuardBool for bool,

GuardFloat for float,

GuardDouble for double and

GuardString for string.

- Save-file manipulation

GuardInt has secured save system called GuardPrefs which is alternative for PlayerPrefs. GuardInt saves creates a secured text line for the entire data. And it saves with PlayerPrefs. But the text line is very secured. It also uses a unique device id as a part of the encyption key to zip the data. So don't worry about anything about it.

- DLL proof

GuardInt's primitive variables are sealed in DLL. It is very hard to recognize the code by reverse-engineering.

- Unique encryption system

GuardInt does not only use the typical encryption system but also use the unique matching validation system. You don't have to be afraid of bullies like Game Guardian and Game Cheat .

Just focus on Coding!