HK Foot Placement – Foot IK system + Base TPC Controller

Advanced Foot Placement. Make your character climb, step and walk on any surface or terrain realistically.

by HK(Hamza Khan)

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NOTE : This works with models with humanoid rig recognised by Mecanim and works with Unity's built-in IK.

  • Move your characters feet realistically on any surface or terrain.
  • Works with any model with a Humanoid rig recognized by Mecanim and uses Unity's built-in IK system.

Included :

  • HK Foot Placement
  • Basic TPC third person controller.
  • Testing PlayGround.

HK Foot Placement Features

  • Humanoid Foot Placement.
  • Foot height calculated in real time based on the animation.
  • No animation curves required.
  • Body Position Is Calculated Based On The Two Feet.
  • Supports all locomotion animations.

Third Person Controller Features

  • Basic Character controller with walk, jump and running systems.
  • Uses cinemachine for proper camera collisions.
  • Walking & running & crouching locomotion.