Imposter Group Renderer

Effortlessly turn complex background scene elements into extremely performant billboard Imposters.

by Rendnarok

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Does your scene have a distant set of background objects, but isn't optimized to render performantly? Imposter Group is designed to take groups of GameObjects and easily convert them into a billboard imposter to preserve quality, but at the rendering cost of 1 quad.

Imposter Group works great in VR scenes that have a limited movement area, or in large desktop scenes with an inacessible background.

Usage Steps

1. Add a new GameObject to the scene (typically a parent of background elements).

2. Add the ImposterGroup component.

3. Set your Origin point (defaults to world origin).

4. Click "Generate Imposter"!

Differences from Other Imposters

There's a handful of other Imposter packages on the marketplace. Those primarily focus on rendering a singular repeated asset that needs a far LOD variant. Imposer Group is intended for background optimization: specifically to handle groups of different objects that remain stationary at a far distance.

Note: This tool is NOT meant to be a replacement for an LOD system and is for distant objects only. Generating an imposter for GameObjects near the camera can result in parallex effects.